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Offering a Healing Place to All Persons on Their Journey to Wholeness

Healing Places Counseling Center is a nonprofit counseling center dedicated to providing counseling and therapy to individuals, families, and couple relationships.

We are committed to fostering an environment of confidentiality, safety, and reverence for our clients.

When I first came to Healing Places, I was just getting out of a relationship and I had very low self- esteem and no sense of who I was. Through some hard work and consistent counseling sessions, I was able to do an emotional deep dive and figure out what was keeping me "stuck" in life. I learned that most of it was fear based, and as I started to figure out who I was and what I stood for, I began to trust myself more and believe that I had value. I can honestly say I love who I am at this point in my life and I am so thankful that I gave myself the opportunity to do this work.

-- Healing Places Counseling Center patient